mesin solder metal

Metal Welding Machine/Mesin Solder Stainless

Metal Welding Machine/Mesin Solder Stainless

Metal welding instrument,metal welder,metal soldering instrument,3D channel letter making devices,LED letters making devices,this kind of welding software program can feeding tin automaticly,which improve the work effectivity successfully.

Temperature: 200~650℃

No load Power: ≤6W

Working power: 300W

Max Instantaneous Power: <2Ώ

the Resistance between the top and flooring: <2mV

the tempo of offering tin: 14mm/s ~ 35mm/s

the quantity of offering tin (Customary): zero.5~123mm

Interval of offering tin: zero~three.5S

The on the market diameter of tin: zero.4~zero.eight/

alat solder stainless 300x218 Metal Welding Machine/Mesin Solder Stainless

Buy This Machine will get:

  • Welding Gun Bracket
  • Copper Wire For Cleaning
  • Welding Heat
  • Coping with Swap
  • Welding Torch
  • Heating Core
  • Power Cable
  • Welding Head

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