Mesin Sablon Topi Terbaru

Mesin Sablon Topi Terbaru
Mesin Press Sablon Topi
Topi adalah bagian dari fashion yang digandrungi anak-anak muda jaman sekarang. Di toko-toko distro yang sudah ada, pasti tidak lepas dari yang namanya topi. Karena pangsa pasarnya adalah anak-anak muda yang gandrung akan modis dan fashion, maka bisnis topi ini bisa menjadi pilihan Anda. Disarankan Pembelian dengan mesin cutting sticker jinka,tenet,cameo untuk pembuatan topi custom satuan

Sun Cap Press
Compact design and easily portable
Pressure Adjustable
Easy to use control interface
A fantastic 200-430F* temperature range
Time range of 0-999 seconds
Teflon coated press surface: 13.5cm wide x 9cm deep

The Sun cap press is fantastic for pressing your sublimation, transfer or vinyl designs onto caps and hats. The fantastic cap press has a temperature range of 0-430 F, a time range of 0-999 seconds and a brilliant pressure adjustable handle. This all helps in providing the perfect print on your caps. This cap press comes with a free 10 sheet pack of sublimation paper to get you started.

The surface is shaped to press onto the front, side or peak of the cap. The top of the press swings away to allow easy access to the press surface. The durable design and rubber feet ensure the press can be used to its full potential without worry of it slipping on surfaces. The easy-to-use control interface allows the time and temperature to be adjusted effortlessly and the pressure handle can be adjusted simply by turning a handle. The cap press will press a cap in just a few minutes, which allows production to be quick and continuous and the Teflon coated heat pad ensures the best quality print.

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