Bahan Pembuat Plate Hot Print

Bahan Pembuat Plate Hot Print

Polimer Plate Water Wash A4 Bahan Pembuat Plate Hot Print

Main specifications:

1). Size: A4

2). Thickness of resin layer: 0.68mm

3). Thickness of aluminum baseplate: 0.32mm

4). Can used to make concave-convex plate & indentation plate

Polymer hot stamping plate making procedure:

  1. Design stamping artwork on PC
  2. Print artwork on transparent film according to 1:1 ratio
  3. Cut down suitable size hot stamping plate, stick the film & polymer hot stamping plate tightly
  4. Put it into exposure machine, expose 40 seconds
  5. Take out hot stamping plate, put it into 40~50C warm water, scrub the surface of hot stamping plate by using a soft plastic brush, washing plate will be finished when artwork become clear
  6. Put the plate into exposure machine again, in order to cure the resin, plate-making finished after setting 120 seconds exposing time